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  • 18/04/2019

When making export industry, there are often many additional fees, so you need to understand the details of these surcharges so as not to price extrusion. THC charges are understood as port handling charges or loading and unloading surcharges abbreviated from Terminal Handling Charge, which is the charge per container to pay for the costs of port operations, such as container loading and unloading. from CY to the pier ... 

Since mid-2007, shipping lines have separated shipping rates and THC instead of aggregating for all transportation, handling and other related costs as before. This segregation is much more beneficial than before, such as increasing the transparency of transportation fees, helping importers and exporters make a distinction between shipping lines and loading and unloading at ports. compare this carrier with another carrier, and avoid currency fluctuations due to exchange rate differences. Import and export course However, this step also pushed importers and exporters to receive trade risks because of the large difference between the amount of THC collected from the customer compared to the amount that the shipping company actually had to pay for the port. import-export community

In addition, shippers found that the THC fee collection increased the cost for exporters, but in fact, the ship owner said that the actual shipping company had carried out the reduction of sea freight rates, and therefore would not affect shippers. With inland container shipping, the gross fee (all-in) is still applied, although it has been proposed to separate the surcharge including THC from the sea freight, similar to import and export goods.

Many people often mistake the THC surcharge and the container loading and unloading fee, but these two fees are completely different. For container loading and unloading charges, the charge is collected when carrying out customs procedures. This fee is interpreted as a container handling fee at the port on a container trailer, or a container fee on a container trailer pulled into the port. Container lifting charges not included in the local charges, and due to the port's full collection. For THC fee, it is the carrier charge when the shipping company carries out loading the container onto the ship. Is the charge in the local charges and collected by the shipping carrier.


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