With the criterion "Customers are God", our company is constantly trying to develop in order to satisfy the needs and desires of our customers. More and more, MTK Logistics has chosen for itself the strategy of providing 3PL services to develop, promptly pursuing the trend of outsourcing logistics services of shippers.

So what is the 3PL strategy?

3PL (Third Party Logistics), also known as 3rd party logistics service, is on behalf of the owner to implement and manage logistics services for the department. It can be understood that this is a type of integrated services primarily between other services such as transport services, forwarding and warehousing, applying modern information technology to be able to process information quickly. problems occur, track shipments, .. until the specified place.

Highlights of 3pl service:

With many years of experience in doing business in freight forwarding and warehousing. MTK Logistics can co-ordinate to implement logistics solutions well, help enterprises to control the supply chain well, promote the flow of input materials from suppliers, distribute goods to consumers quickly. Fast, safe, accurate.

As a 3PL logistics company, we guarantee to provide and deliver to customers:- The ability to provide a wide range of services:- Save time and money: MTK Logistics with many years of experience in the logistics field, along with a staff of highly qualified professionals, we are happy to contribute ourselves to the customer success.

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