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  • 18/04/2019

Required documents: (submit 2 full sets):

1. List of main and secondary transport with TCS's revised content (03 copies) with red stamp of TCS;

2. MAWB main transport (copy with stamp and signature of the Director of the Enterprise);

3. Transportation of secondary applications (copies with stamp and signature of the Director of the enterprise);

4. Written request for amendment and supplement of the enterprise (note whether or not to commit to opening the declaration? If it is in the official dispatch, it must show the declaration number. Date of registration, opening department and fairway);

5. Confirmation of the representative of the Foreign Airline Agent / Agent on the revised content (01 English version and the translation with the round mark of the Enterprise), the email must show the email address of the foreign head ;

6. Power of attorney (certified by a seal and signature of the Director of the Enterprise) if the person signing on the file is not a director;

7. Abnormal cargo records, apron manifest if required for weight adjustment on Mawb and Manifest.


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