MTK Logistics Services include:


  1. Loading and unloading services: packing goods into containers to transport and unload goods from containers for storage
  2. Warehousing services: packaging, dunnage, wrapping of goods, wooden crates for fragile goods, warehousing, cargo preservation
  3. Inland transportation: pick up goods at the warehouse, at the address of the sender, domestic shipping in the country or transfer to the seaport, airport port
  4. Customs clearance: declaration and declaration of customs declaration of goods on e-customs system for import and export
  5. Book freight, charter ship: contact booking for goods on board, sending goods to international
  6. Import customs clearance: carry out customs clearance procedures and import goods at destination ports
  7. Delivery: delivery at the port and delivery to the address of the recipient

Classification of logistics services:

a. Transporting goods by inland sea.

b. Transporting goods by international sea.

c. Transporting goods by road.

d. Transporting goods by air.

e. Transporting goods by rail.

f. Transporting goods by domestic courier.

g. Shipping goods by international courier 

Related logistics services

i. Authorized import and export service

ii. Consulting import and export procedures

iii. Apply for a license for food, beverages and cosmetics

iv. Get a certificate of quarantine for plants and animals

v. Apply for certificate of origin (C / O)

vi. Consultation on labeling of goods

vii. Look up HS code

viii. Do price consultations

ix. Analysis of classification of goods


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